Faq Category: Technical

Eve Technologies is a BSL 2 Laboratory. Please indicate the infectious nature of your samples on your order prior to shipping so that we may assess the requirements for  your samples. Some samples may need inactivation by you, and we will advise accordingly. See our Infectious Samples page for more information.

Yes and No. The answer to this question is dependent upon many factors. The main questions to ask are: How long have the samples been at room temperature? How difficult is it to collect new samples? What analytes are you assaying? Is the data for a publication or a preliminary experiment? Please be advised that […]

Heparin. Should not exceed 10 IU per mL of sample. It can cause bead agglutination and increased signals. DMSO and other similar organic solvents. May cause the leaching of dye from the beads making sample analyte levels undetectable. SDS and other similar denaturing agents. Should not exceed 0.1% in sample. These reagents can cause improper […]

Please see our Sample Preparation page for instructions.