Compatible Tubes:


Aliquot the required volume of each sample into 0.5 – 0.65mL microcentrifuge tubes, 0.5mL. Some tubes come in 96-well racks for convenient sample handling and to reduce the size of the shipping package. If you wish to utilize a 96-well plate, please inquire for a plate layout and non-conforming fee.

You are not obligated to use the tubes in the following list; we have provided these examples to use as a guide to tubes that work best with our systems:

Examples of Compatible Tubes:


Microcentrifuge tubes:

Cat#: 87003-290 (0.65mL)


Microcentrifuge tubes:

Cat#:29442-582 (0.65mL)


0.5 ml Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes™

Order #: 022363611

Fisher Sci. Cat#: 05-402-18


Screw top micro tubes:

Cat#: 3743-MTX (500µl 2D Barcoded, V Bottom ScrewTop Tubes, bulk – no racks, see 4900 for racks)

Cat#: 3744-MTX (500µl 2D Barcoded, V Bottom ScrewTop Tubes w/ Caps in 96-well Rack. Sterile)

Cat#: 3741-MTX (1mL 2D Barcoded, V Bottom ScrewTop Tubes w/ Caps in 96-well Rack. Sterile)

Cat#: 4900-MTX (Empty 96-well Latch Racks for 500 µl ScrewTop Tubes)


Inquire about your required volumes as the amount is dependant upon the assay selection(s) and whether you want your samples run in single, duplicate, or triplicate.


For the majority of the Custom-Plex assays, Eve Technologies will dilute your samples if the manufacturer’s protocol specifies a dilution for your sample type.  We recommend running a pilot run – particularly if your sample type is not specified in the manufacturer’s protocol.  In some cases, you may prefer to predilute your samples using standard PBS pH~7.5 prior to shipping as this can save sample volume (ie mouse or rat serum or plasma on a cytokine array).

Table 1: Required Volumes and Recommended Sample Dilutions
Custom Plex Assay Volume Required for testing samples in SINGLE Volume Required for testing samples in DUPLICATE Recommended Dilution Factor
Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF & BALF Cell Culture Supernatant, Tissue Homogenate & Cell Lysate
Custom-Plex Assays (Pilot study recommended if protocol is not specific with sample type) Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire


Using a permanent marker, number tubes in the order you wish them to be run starting with a 1.  Please place the letter of either your last name or your supervisor’s last name before the number. If possible, please label both the tube and its lid and maintain your own record of which number corresponds to which sample.   For example, if your last name is “Smith” and you are sending 3 samples your tubes will be labeled:  S1, S2, and S3.

*Please DO NOT Parafilm seal your tubes.

*Using labels or stickers is NOT recommended – labels can come off when frozen.


Place your samples consecutively in a rack box or cardboard / plastic sample box. The box should then be placed in a leak proof bag with absorbent material. Do NOT put your sample tubes directly into the dry ice. See our shipping guide for more information.