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"With Eve Technologies, I was able to gain insight into alterations in the tumor microenvironment during tumor development. This would have been costly and inefficient if I had to learn to run these multiplexed assays myself."

Luke Gilbert
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research

Partner Your Research with the Most Affordable Assay Services

Eve Technologies offers the most affordable assay services in the world for biomedical and life science researchers, and pharmaceutical companies. Our assay services facilitate protein analysis and drug discovery by providing reproducible, quantitative immunoassay data from a small sample volume. We utilize multiplex assay platforms such as the Bio-Plex Suspension Array System and the Milliplex platform. Our target analyte menu offers hundreds of multiplexing targets under various categories such as Cytokines, Chemokines, Cardio Markers, Cancer Markers, and Neuroscience Markers.

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Discover what Eve Tech's assay services are all about and why you should partner your research with us. Here you can learn about the assay technologies we utilize, our mandate, and our partners.
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With our Custom-Plex Assays you can choose from hundreds of analytes. Our Discovery Assays are the world's most affordable arrays that specialize in cytokines and chemokines.
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Let us guide you in the process of preparing, packaging, and shipping your samples. Our assays can be run with a wide variety of sample types: Practically any biological fluid including homogenates.