Discovery Assay

Discovery Assay offers researchers assay services on the largest multiplex assays at the most affordable prices in the industry. It is a division of Eve Technologies Corporation.

Mitogen Advanced Diagnostics

Mitogen Advanced Diagnostics is a diagnostic laboratory that specializes in autoimmune diagnostics. Their test menu includes common autoimmune diagnostic tests such as ANA, ENA, and CCP, as well as esoteric tests. Being a long-time client of Eve Technologies, Mitogen and Eve Tech work together to facilitate large studies in autoimmunity.


The CNBE is an animal research facility that offers research services such as drug development and preclinical animal studies.You can find them here.

CNBE Website

Joan Snyder Translational Lab

“From bench to bedside”, the Joan Snyder Translational Lab focuses on understanding the predominant conditions presented in ICU such as sepsis and traumatic brain injury and translating that knowledge into improved diagnostics and therapies. Eve Technologies partners with the Snyder Lab on some of their projects.

The Institute of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation

The Institute of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation is one of the largest biomedical institutes in Alberta. They are a community of world-class researchers and clinicians that focus on the cellular processes and clinical consequences of infection, immunity and inflammation. Many III members partner with Eve Technologies to accelerate their research initiatives.

EMD Millipore

Under the MILLIPLEXTM trade name, EMDMillipore produces the most extensive multiplex analytes lists / panels in the industry. Eve Technologies regularly assesses their multiplex kits and utilizes these kits in some client research projects.

Bio Rad

Bio-Rad has fully adopted Multiplexing LASER Bead Technology under their Bio-Plex trade name. Bio-Rad markets both multiplex kits and bead analyzer machines (“Bio-Plex 200”). Eve Technologies also assesses and utilizes Bio-Rad’s kits and has awarded Bio-Rad with a service contract to maintain our machine.