Clinical Soluble Cytokine Receptor 14-Plex Panel (HDSCR-Clin)


We will test your sample(s) and provide results for the following biomarkers:

sCD30 | sEGFR | sgp130 | sIL-1RI | sIL-1RII | sIL-2RA | sIL-4R | sIL-6R | sRAGE | sTNFRI | sTNFRII | sVEGFR1 | sVEGFR2 | sVEGFR3

Indications: Use this test when identifying relevant therapy targets, mechanism of disease is unknown, arthritis, macrophage activation syndrome (MAS), Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), sepsis/toxic shock, necrotizing fasciitis, admitted meningitis, admitted pneumonia, Kawasaki syndrome, prolonged or periodic fever, severe or chronic inflammation, organ dysfunction.

Reference intervals available for PLASMA-EDTA and CSF samples.

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