Custom Plex Assays

Eve Tech’s custom-plex assay services allow you to choose your targets from the widest analyte list available and multiplex your selected targets together in a single assay. Note that analytes are typically combined from within the same panel as some targets cannot be combined with others due to different dilution requirements and/or bead or reagent incompatibility, so depending on your target list, you may require multiple assays .  We efficiently run assays for research projects both big and small. Not only do we place our client’s data in their hands quickly with a turn-around-time of 5-15 business days from receipt of custom kits, we also do it at an unbeatable price. With our experience, we save you the hassle of the learning-curve allowing you to focus on the tasks beyond the assay. Simply choose your target analytes and then click on “Request a Quote” to learn how you can save thousands of dollars and start achieving your research goals faster.

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Choose either a species or area of research below and you will be directed to all of our available targets.

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*Some analytes must be assayed separately or in a different multiplex group due to cross reactivity.

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Turn-around Time
5-15 Business Days

Secure Confidentiality
Materials and information provided and sent to Eve Technologies are kept private by the strictest security measures. Assay outcomes and experimental data are proprietary to our clients and are also kept confidential.  Eve Technologies does not disclose confidential information to third parties unless instructed to do so by the client.

Sample Formats / Sample Prep
Most assays can accommodate a wide variety of sample formats. These include, but are not limited to, Serum, Plasma, Sputum, Urine, Synovial Fluid, CSF, Tissue Culture, Tissue Homogenate, Cell Lysate, etc. Click here for sample prep guidelines.

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How many samples can I test on one plate?

Typically 80 samples in single or 40 samples in duplicate. Each plate has 96 wells, 16 of those wells are used for standards.

Do I have to use the full plate at one time?

No you do not. If you are planning on using one assay plate multiple times you will be charged a nominal fee for the service. Also, another element to consider is that each Custom-Plex order comes with a single one-time-use standard; you may want to purchase an extra standard for an additional assay session.

What is the maximum number of analytes that can be combined?

The technology’s maximum is 100 analytes, however in proteomics this maximum is a challenge due to analyte interactions and different buffer preferences. The highest plexed kits available in the industry contain about 40-50 analytes. Note also that you can only combine targets that are in the same panel, this means you may require more than one assay depending on your target list. Our cytokine Discovery Assays are some of the highest plex kits available.

Can I create a single Custom-Plex Assay with any analyte combination?

No. Many analytes are able to be combined but some cannot be due to dilutions, sample activations and cross reactivity. It is common for a Custom-Plex project to require kits from more than one panel.

The analyte I’m looking for is not found in your list, is it available?

New analytes become available all of the time. Contact us to see if your analyte is now available. If they are not on the list they may be available in Elisa format.