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The World’s Most AFFORDABLE Cytokine Arrays

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Discovery Assay®

The World’s Most Affordable Cytokine Array

Discovery Assay is a novel assay service that is pushing to revolutionize biomedical testing with its unprecedented prices. With our Discovery Assays, you can now obtain results for as low as $1.00 per analyte per sample. This price point has never before been possible, and it is even more cost effective than conducting in-house assays.

We hope that your research will achieve more than it ever could with the most affordable multiplexing assays anywhere.

Why Use Our Discovery Assay Service?

  • Discover new significant targets.
  • Rule out unnecessary targets.
  • Identify where to focus your research before you utilize our cost-effective Custom-Plex Assay services.
  • Achieve a new level of cost-savings.
  • Become familiar with advanced multiplexing technology.
  • Obtain preliminary data for grant applications.
  • Enable your research to achieve a greater impact and have stronger scientific merit.

Routine Discovery Assays
With many research studies requiring cytokine, chemokine or growth factor profiling, our Routine Discovery Assays are essential assays. Routine Discovery Assay Services are performed on the broadest cytokine/chemokine multiplex kits and other biomarker panels for humans, mice, rats, and pigs at unprecedented prices. Routine Discovery Assays are kept in stock at all times and have no limits on the number of samples we can assay for you.

Featured Discovery Assays
Featured Discovery Assays are kits that we receive on promotion from suppliers or are additional kits that we purchased to bulk-discount a study. Though Featured Discovery Assays have limited quantities available, the number of samples you can test can be increased by ordering a custom-plex assay of the same kit. Examples of featured assays include smaller plex cytokine/chemokine panels, cancer/angiogenesis panels, cellular signaling panels, cardiac markers, gut hormone/endocrine markers, etc.

Compatible Tubes and Labeling

In order to provide the most affordable service, we implement standardized tubes and labeling for laboratory efficiency purposes. A $3 surcharge per sample will be applied if your samples are not standardized according to the compatible tubes and labeling requirements. Click below for more information.

Click here for information on shipping, dilutions, and conforming tubes and sample labeling for Discovery Assays


When Eve Technologies runs a routine cytokine array, the same kit lot number is purchased in bulk and upon the first assay session that uses that kit lot a standard curve is run in duplicate.  This standard curve is continued to be used through-out the use of that lot.  Every assay of that lot is run on the exact same machine and the machine is calibrated everyday with highly specified and stable calibrators.  To ensure consistency and quality, Eve Technologies runs a QC sample with every assay and these QCs are tracked with implementing Levy Jennings (as required by CLIA).  

We run samples in accordance with the kit manufacturer’s instructions for use. The only exception to this is the Mouse Cytokine/Chemokine panel and Rat Cytokine/Chemokine panel which calls for a 2-fold dilution for serum/plasms, however clients often wish to run their samples undiluted, so for those assays we run the samples as received.

If you would like to submit samples at a specific dilution you may do so, but we recommend contacting us to ensure that your sample dilution will be compatible with the assay you are interested in.

In addition to maintaining strict and repeatable conditions, we run quality control samples in every assay session to ensure that all assay signals of a particular lot fall within an acceptable range. Inter-assay variability ranges between 5-20% depending on the analyte and quality of samples.

The included standard is the standard that is supplied in the kit and run on the first assay session of the current kit lot. This standard curve is run in accordance with the manufacturers instructions for use, using an assay buffer matrix and/or serum matrix.

Prices are for one single well assay. Duplicate or triplicate testing will require purchasing 2 or 3 wells per sample.

Discovery Assays are preconfigured kits, so it is not possible to add or remove select analytes. Our Custom-Plex Assay Service allows specific configuration of targets. Your sample numbers and targets of interest will determine if a Discovery Assay or Custom Assay is more suitable for your study. Contact us for more information.

Secure Confidentiality

Materials and information provided and sent to Eve Technologies are kept private by the strictest security measures. Assay outcomes and experimental data are proprietary to our clients and are also kept confidential. Eve Technologies does not disclose confidential information to third parties unless instructed to do so by the client.