Faq Category: Custom-Plex Assays

We do not manufacture our own kits, and run on commercially available kits. New analytes therefore become available all of the time. Email or phone us to see if your analyte is available

Many analytes are able to be combined but some cannot be due to availability through different suppliers, dilution requirements, cross reactivity, etc. It is common for a custom plex project to require kits from more than one panel. 

The technology’s maximum is 100 analytes, however in proteomics this maximum is a challenge due to analyte interactions and different buffer preferences. The highest plexed kits available in the industry contain about 40-50 analytes. Our cytokine Discovery Assays are some of the highest plex kits available.

No you do not. If you are planning on using one assay plate multiple times you will be charged a nominal fee for the service. 

Kits are ordered in increments of 96-well plates. The first plate can accommodate 80 samples in single or 40 samples in duplicate as 16 wells are reserved for running the standard curve (note that more than one standard curve may be required if running more than one sample type). Any additional plates purchased for the […]