Faq Category: Discovery Assay

When Eve Technologies runs a routine cytokine array, the same kit lot number is purchased in bulk and upon the first assay session that uses that kit lot a standard curve is run in duplicate.  This standard curve is continued to be used through-out the use of that lot.  Every assay of that lot is run on the exact same machine and the machine […]

We run samples in accordance with the kit manufacturer’s instructions for use. The only exception to this is the Mouse Cytokine/Chemokine panel and Rat Cytokine/Chemokine panel which calls for a 2-fold dilution for serum/plasms, however clients often wish to run their samples undiluted, so for those assays we run the samples as received. If you […]

In addition to maintaining strict and repeatable conditions, we run quality control samples in every assay session to ensure that all assay signals of a particular lot fall within an acceptable range. Inter-assay variability ranges between 5-20% depending on the analyte and quality of samples.

The included standard is the standard that is supplied in the kit and run on the first assay session of the current kit lot. This standard curve is run in accordance with the manufacturers instructions for use, using an assay buffer matrix and/or serum matrix.

Prices are for one single well assay. Duplicate or triplicate testing will require purchasing 2 or 3 wells per sample.

Discovery Assays are preconfigured kits, so it is not possible to add or remove select analytes. Our Custom-Plex Assay Service allows specific configuration of targets. Your sample numbers and targets of interest will determine if a Discovery Assay or Custom Assay is more suitable for your study. Contact us for more information.