Long COVID Vascular Health 18-Plex Panel (LNG18-Clin)


We will test your sample(s) and provide results for the following biomarkers:

ADAMTS13 | Angiopoietin-2 | BMP-9 | D-Dimer | Endoglin | Endothelin-1 | FGF-1 |  Follistatin | HB-EGF | HGF |  Leptin | PLGF | SAA | sICAM-1 | sP-Selectin | sVCAM-1 | VEGF-C | VEGF-D

Indications: : Use this panel to investigate dysfunctions in vascular and endothelial integrity, coagulation, and inflammation. The panel consists of circulating factors that may suggest abnormalities in angiogenesis (a response to persistent vascular injury), coagulation, vascular function and inflammatory responses, which are thought to be key features of long COVID pathogenesis.

Reference intervals available for PLASMA-EDTA samples.

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