Faq Category: General

As of 2023, Eve Technologies has been cited in over 2,000 published articles. Search “Eve Technologies” in Google Scholar to view publications of scientists who have used our services.

Purchase Order (PO) is the preferred method of payment. We accept credit card but charge a 3% fee for the service. If your institute does not have either of these payment methods, prepayment or purchase contract is required.

For studies of smaller sample numbers, purchasing a Discovery Assay might be the most cost effective option as the tests are purchased by the sample well. Custom-Plex Assays are purchased in increments of 96-well plates and may be cost prohibitive. Our admin team will always provide you with the most cost effective options to meet […]

There are no limitations to the number of samples you can send. We can test anywhere from 1 sample to 10,000 samples or more. Discovery Assays are typically used for smaller studies, whilst Custom-Plex Assays are typically suited for large studies. Please reach out to us if you are planning a large study!

Discovery Assays are preconfigured cytokine panels that we keep in stock and can be purchased in increments of single reaction wells. Custom-Plex Assays are kits that are specially ordered for clients based on their selection of targets and are purchased in increments of 96-well plates.

We typically recommend duplicate testing; however the answer to this question will depend on the purpose of your assay. For publication purposes, duplicate and triplicate testing are the most common. Testing in duplicate or triplicate gives you more assurance that your concentrations are accurate. If, however, you are merely running small pilot studies, testing in […]

Required sample volume will vary depending on the assay(s) ordered and if testing will be performed in singlicate, duplicate, or triplicate. Volume requirements are detailed on the individual product descriptions. Please contact us if you do not have sufficient volume, as we may be able to accommodate lower sample volumes for some assays.

We can perform ELISA testing at Eve Technologies, however it is not our preferred platform, and therefore we cannot guarantee the quality of the kits supplied by the manufacturer’s.

The multiplexing technology that Eve Technologies uses is based on color-coded polystyrene beads. Bead coloration is achieved by utilizing different concentrations of red and infrared fluorophore dyes to create 100 uniquely-colored bead sets. Considering that these bead sets contain a unique color/fluorophore signature (that can be individually identified by the bead analyzer such as a […]